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Herbal medicine has been a life long and passionate study for those of us at
Traditional Botanical Medicine. 


.Our prescriptions draw upon the wisdom

that comes from the great traditional medical
systems of China, India and Tibet.

They are powerful because they are
written specifically for each person.


When it comes to regenerating the body, specifically prescribed herbal medicine is best.

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Our herbal formulas are based on both traditional
and modern experience,
and their effectiveness
has been proven over
and over again in
a clinical setting.

herbal medicine
chinese herbs

Anyone can find something of benefit in the rejuvenative teachings of the great healing traditions. . . The direction of alternative medicine in the West has tended toward the mass marketing
of general formulas, which people
buy directly off the shelf.

Herbal medicine however, is most effective when the formula is conformed exactly to the person.


A complex herbal formula consisting of eight to fifteen ingredients can treat all the organs simultaneously and help to bring the body into a regenerative balance.

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