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Breast cancer prevention that really works

Long before the industrial revolution, ancient doctors of oriental medicine studied and treated breast cancer. So even before the earth was overwhelmed with synthetic, manufactured toxins, breast cancer was still considered a tragic and life threatening disease. Clearly the toxic component of breast cancer has increased during this modern age but the original cause given by these traditional health practitioners was chronic emotional frustration.

One of the virtues of oriental medicine is it’s ability to observe the root cause and the developmental stages of disease. With breast cancer, the cause is seen as a chronic pattern of qi or life force stagnation, rooted in liver dysfunction. This unrelieved pattern of stagnation becomes an invisible contusion in the being, obstructing the free flow of energy, blood and lymph fluids through the specialized and sensitive breast tissue. The problem becomes potentially life threatening when toxins find their way into that area of stagnation. These toxins may enter from the outside, but they may also come from hormones, inflammation and the stress chemistry within the body. Overtime, in a significant number of people, this chronic pattern, now toxic, begins to modify normal cell replication, leading to potential breast cancer.

In the earliest stage of the disease, the liver tends to get overburdened. The liver’s function is to not only filter toxins from the blood but also to regulate the flow of energy throughout the body. The liver is a very resilient organ but very much affected by all of our physical, emotional and psychic stresses. Constant negativity and frustration – most particularly the sense of being trapped in a double bind situation from which we cannot free ourselves, affects the ability of the liver to do it’s job. The feeling of being trapped, literally traps life force and blood and creates potentially life threatening areas of stagnation in the body. . . This traditional understanding, combined with modern wisdom not only allows us to treat the disease but it also helps us to formulate sound strategies for prevention of breast cancer.

PREVENTION - Do not allow emotionally frustrating circumstances to persist indefinitely. Do not consent to live in a chronically negative circumstance, change it instead. As any health practitioner can tell you, changing the emotional component at the root of any imbalance is the hardest part of healing. Even so, happiness is critical to health.

- Do not constantly meditate on negativity. These are certainly challenging and difficult times for all of us. We all need to stay informed, but instead of constantly meditating on the trouble it is important that we find ways to serve positive change. All that stuck and frustrated energy begins to move and flow freely again when we commit ourselves to service.

- Keep the blood free from toxicity by eating well. Vegetables and fruits are natural blood cleansers and aid in the detoxification of the liver.

- Conduct a toxic survey of your home and replace the poisons with the more benign green products.

- Maintain the alkalinity of the blood. In order to prevent cancer the blood pH should be right around 7.3. The best way to do this is to eat an abundance of green vegetables, green grasses, avocados, and salads. It’s not that hard. There are many wonderful green powder combinations on the market. They are convenient and they work very well.

Herbs are extremely effective at opening up the early stages of liver stagnation and toxicity, and they are significant medicines for the prevention of all kinds of diseases. Traditional Chinese herbal formulas are designed specifically to break up liver stagnation, and restore free qi and blood flow. These harmonizing formulas are fundamental to oriental gynecological medicine. When used on a regular basis they are very effective at promoting free liver flow, and they help to clear toxins from the blood, and the breast tissue. Herbs like bupleurum, curcuma, taraxacum, burdock, oldenlandia and scute barbata have been used for hundreds of years in China to good effect. Traditional Botanical Medicine’s “Breast Care” incorporates many of these ingredients and actions into one formula.

There are many more excellent formulas on the market. Speak to your health practitioner about what herbs will be best for you. Regular exercise is critical to good health. Aerobic exercise helps by breaking up areas of stagnation. The ancient exercise systems like Tai Qi, Qi Gong and Hatha Yoga are excellent as these exercises work specifically to break up liver qi stagnation and restore liver flow.

The best time to treat an imbalance is long before it creates organic damage to the tissues, cells and DNA. Practice prevention by harmonizing imbalances at the earliest stage of appearance.

Sources: What Women Must Know to Protect Their Daughters From Breast Cancer Dr. Sherrill Sellman


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