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Getting the most out of Herbal Medicine

Since the beginning of time man has turned to his environment for medicines. Plants, minerals and even certain animal products all contain powerful healing substances.

The key to the effective application of herbal medicine begins with the correct diagnosis of the exact imbalance. An experienced clinician knows that most people show an array of conflicting imbalances. One organ may require warming while another needs cooling. The direction of alternative medicine in the West has tended toward the mass marketing of general formulas, which people buy directly off the shelf. Herbal medicine, however, is most effective when the formula is conformed exactly to the person.

The body possesses a powerful healing and regenerative chemistry that awakens under the right conditions. This healing chemistry is secreted by the endocrine system when the body is brought into proper balance. A complex herbal formula consisting of eight to fifteen ingredients can treat all the organs simultaneously and help to bring the body into such regenerative balance.

These herbal prescriptions can be used at home and they are taken several times per day, so it is easy for the client to maintain the treatment. Complex herbal prescriptions can be primary forms of therapy or a powerful healing adjunct for almost any condition. The secret lies with a proper diagnosis of the imbalance, and the right combination of herbal elements.


A pattern of imbalance, is a literal force in the body. The longer it has been in effect, the more resistant it will be. The force of harmonization must be equal to and greater than the imbalance and it must be sufficiently sustained to have an effect. When balance is achieved the body will heal itself.

The right formula must be determined and used and until the pattern has shifted. Each person must experiment with the correct dose for his or her body type and condition. Dietary and life style corrections should be made in order to magnify the regenerative response in the body. It is best to check in after a course or two in order to refine the details of your healing regime.

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