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Heavy Bleeding in Women

From time to time, women may experience patterns of heavy bleeding. The blood cycle is effected by lifestyle. Therefore stress, worry, excitement and even certain foods (usually hot, spicy and sweet foods) can cause brief bouts of heavy bleeding in women. Brief changes in the blood flow are not a cause for concern. Lasting patterns of excessive bleeding, however, such as: heavy and extended menstrual flows, bleeding outside the usual menstrual pattern and even extended times of spotting, are clear indications to practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, that there is a significant hormonal imbalance. Such imbalances should be addressed before they lead to further problems.

The most common cause for heavy bleeding is too much heat in the blood. This means that the body is generating internal heat inflammation and the blood is absorbing some of that heat. Like water the blood will become agitated as it heats up and it may begin to flow outside of its proper pathways. In such cases any pertinent lifestyle issues should be addressed and some form of alternative medicine should be used to clear the heat inflammation.

In some women however, the heat is being created by a deficiency of cooling bodily fluids and hormones. Many times heavy bleeding will appear along with hot flushes in women approaching menopause. In most cases the hot flushes and the bleeding will disappear when the deficiency is addressed.

The most difficult type of heavy bleeding to treat is that caused by large fibroids which can press up against and through the endometrium. In such cases the bleeding is being caused by a functional change in the uterus. Fibroid induced bleeding is a pattern that takes time to develop and so it also requires time to change. Many times the bleeding becomes so severe that women have to resort to a surgical remedy. Therefore women should remain sensitive to their bodies and address hormonal imbalances early. If fibroids do develop, they should be treated as early as possible. Small fibroids should be shrunk before they become too large and problematic


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