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Right cultivation of the blood is the foundation of health and longevity

Dracula had it right. The blood IS the key to longevity. In this age of global contamination and health care meltdown, the practice of blood cultivation must be rightly understood by anyone interested in health self sufficiency and longevity.

Time and time again, people do not heal at the core of their imbalance. This is because the quality of their blood has not been properly cultivated. The blood is the river of life in the body. When we cultivate our blood, we establish the foundation that promotes health, wellness and longevity.

THE PRACTICE OF CULTIVATING OUR BLOOD There are two aspects to the practice of cultivatingblood: 1. Maintaining blood purity 2. Ensuring the body produces an abundant supply of blood

1. Blood Purity If we keep the blood supply healthy and free of toxicity, then all the cells of the body are fed with pure living essence (qi). Pure and healthy blood doesn’t thicken but remains freely flowing and full of life, thus minimizing the possibility of obstructive cardiovascular disease. If we allow toxins to deposit in the blood, then the body begins to secrete inflammatory substances, further toxifying the blood supply. This inflammation can damage the mucous membranes and subsequently the internal organs. Also, the heart and lungs must work harder to discharge the toxins from the body. And the harder the heart works on a daily basis, the shorter one’s overall life span is likely to be.

The best way to maintain healthy blood is to eat only fresh, living, organic food. Throw away all that toxic, manufactured food! The television advertisements are always promising perfect happiness in sodas, burgers and candies, but mostly these kinds of foods just make us toxic. Raw fruits and green vegetables are the most beneficial foods we can eat, because they are blood purifiers. They are also full of nutrition.

One of the easiest ways to get fresh organic food is to add a green smoothie to your daily diet. Load it up with organic greens and your favorite green powder; throw in an apple or banana to sweeten it up. When this smoothie is taken in conjunction with a good healthy diet, you will effectively purify the blood on a daily basis.

Alongside fresh living foods, the periodic use of blood purifying herbs will also benefit our blood health. Before the advent of antibiotics, infections were treated and cleared from the blood supply with complex combinations of blood purifying herbs. In the West, we find herbs like echinacea, goldenseal, wormwood, and myrrh. In the East, coptis, scute, violet, forsythia, and lonicera are just a few of the powerful blood purifiers provided by nature.

2. Blood Supply We require adequate blood production to feed all the cells and keep our circulatory pathways open and clear. When blood supply decreases, our circulatory pathways tend to shrink and narrow, thus increasing the possibility of stroke and embolism. Here, nature has again provided the answer.

Hundreds of years ago, ancient Chinese doctors discovered a group of plants whose essential oils increased blood production. When the correct herbs are taken in the proper combinations, blood production increases and circulatory pathways open. Angelica sinensis, peony alba, ligusticum wallichi, and rehmannia glutinosa represent some of the best of these blood builders, particularly when taken in combination. These herbs are so effective that hundreds of years ago their discovery spawned a gynecological specialty in oriental medicine.

These herbs combine very well with hawthorn berries and other nitric oxide (NO) precursors. The body produces nitric oxide in order to rejuvenate the heart, veins and arteries. Plants like hawthorn can dramatically increase nitric oxide production in the body. Some researchers consider hawthorn to be the most beneficial herb for people over fifty years of age to take. Recent research shows that these herbs when taken together with beetroot will also increase their effectiveness.

This two step process of right blood cultivation establishes a strong foundation for health and well being. It can be accomplished simply by eating good wholesome foods, raw organic greens and nature’s premiere medicinal herbs.


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