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Ingredients: Pyrossia, Dianthus, Plantago, Alisma, Gardenia, Scute, Gentian, Be xie, Rehmannia, Sophora, Dang gui, Fraxinus, Licorice.  4oz. 

Clear Bladder Formula

  • This formula is highly effective at eliminating urinary tract infections. Even the most stubborn cases have been cleared when this powerful combination of herbs is used at the proper dose. Clears inflammation and kills the e coli bacteria responsible for most bladder infections. In our clinical experience this formula is more effective than antibiotics, without the side effects and the immune depression that occurs after antibiotic use.In most cases it will require at least 8oz of Clear Bladder for an effective treatment.

  • All orders are sent USPS, flat rate Priority Mail. $12

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