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 Ingredients: Ilex, Isatis, Forsythia, Ju hua, Evodia, Vitex, Borneol, Sambucus.  8oz. 

Dispel Flu

  • Expels colds and flu. Colds and flu enter the body from the outside. A healthy body puts up a shield of protective qi. As we become toxic, tired, and out of balance, however, our protective barrier will weaken. Winter is the season of low yang. We live indoors; the sun’s rays are weak. The free yang of nature is withdrawn for a time. Balance and well being must be protected in order to maintain optimal immunity during a time of year when airborne pathogens are thriving.

    The place to kill the flu is right on the periphery of that shield. You want to kill the flu on the outside before it can penetrate in and damage the organs. Chinese doctors observed the process in detail and created elegant and effective flu fighting prescriptions. . . Dispel Flu is based on this ancient wisdom. It fights off flu and cold, nurtures the spleen, and magnifies the strategy of the body for pushing the pathogen out through the skin and the energy field. It should be used at the first sign of infection and used liberally. It is suitable for most body types and for both colds and flu.

  • All orders are sent USPS, flat rate Priority Mail. $12

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