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Kidney Health is the Foundation of Longevity

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

Ancient doctors of oriental medicine measured the aging process at the very base of the body. The kidneys are the root organ system, the basal metabolic process of human life. The kidneys are the foundation life fire in the human body, and the root storehouse of all its living essences. The health of the kidneys, therefore, effects the health of every other organ.

Sight and hearing are governed by kidney function. Sexual and creative energy, the bones of the body, hormones and qi, they all find their source in the primary battery of life – the kidneys. The health of the kidneys, therefore, determines how well we age. It has been said that by palpating the deepest kidney pulse in the body, one is able to see and understand how that particular body will age and finally pass away.

Since the kidneys are the storehouse of both yin essences, yang energy and fire, kidney deficiency is dual in nature. Over time both the water and fire become deficient. The details and degree of that insufficiency will vary from person to person. The art of kidney rejuvenation then, lies in addressing the details of this dual deficiency correctly. Our most powerful regenerative chemistry arises and flows when the yin and the yang of the kidneys are deeply nurtured and harmonized,

Kidney Insufficiency

By the age of 50 all human beings are universally kidney deficient to one degree or another, depending on genetic inheritance and lifestyle. In many people, significant deficiency appears much earlier than that. The active, stressful, modern lifestyle rapidly burns up our inherited yin essences. This Kidney yin deficiency represents the root of the aging process as the fire of life activity consumes the body’s essential living water. Over- heating, hot -flushing, dry skin, loss of flexibility, weak back and knees, weak eyesight, headaches, and loss of regenerative hormonal flows may be signs of kidney yin deficiency.

Over time the kidney fire naturally wanes also. Weak lower back, low libido, frequent urination, nocturnal urination, fatigue, low energy, and depression may be signs of kidney fire deficiency.

Kidney Rejuvenation

It is in the deepest, quietest, brightest rest, that the highest quality qi and essence are conceived. Meditation, contemplation, deep relaxation, high quality deep sleep, all take us to the incubator of living fire and water. They are essential to woman and man. When the autonomic nervous system is deeply harmonized, the bright light and energy of the central nervous system flows deep into the kidneys producing powerfully regenerative hormonal flows.

Stress and fear directly damage the kidneys. Right exercise such as hatha yoga, tai chi and qi gong are uniquely rejuvenating to the kidneys. Fear weakens the life fire. The application of gentle warmth directly on the kidneys can be most therapeutic. I have seen the dual application of warmth, applied from under the kidneys, and from above the conception vessels points located between the navel and pubic bone, resurrect deeply deficient kidneys.

Ancient doctors of Oriental Medicine discovered powerful natural elixirs that directly rejuvenate the kidneys. Some refresh the living water while others nurture the life fire. When the balance is correctly suited to the specifics of the kidney insufficiency the results can be powerfully regenerating. This approach came to be known as the Two Immortals application.

Traditional Botanical Medicine’s Adrenal Protector formula is a well balance kidney elixir that nurtures both the yin and the yang of the kidneys. In the presence of heat such as in hot flushing, The Cool and Calm formula and the Great Essence formula should be used with Adrenal Protector. In cases of strong heat they should be used alone in order to refresh the kidney yin levels.


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