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Three Principles of Brain Rejuvenation

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

“The effects of aging were traditionally thought to be immutable, particularly evident in the loss of plasticity and cognitive abilities occurring in the aged central nervous system (CNS). However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that extrinsic systemic manipulations such as exercise, caloric restriction, and changing blood composition by heterochronic parabiosis, or young plasma administration, can partially counteract this age-related loss of plasticity in the aged brain.” Jill Bouchard and Saul A Villeda in The Journal of Neurochemistry

1. "Healthy blood is the foundation of the regenerative life." - The Tao of Rejuvenation

In recent scientific experiments, young mice were grafted into older ones, merging the circulatory systems of the two creatures. The process demonstrated the regenerative effects of so called “young blood”. The older mice showed systemic regeneration under the influence of the younger blood, the reversal appearing in the central nervous system and the brain as well.

“Based on mounting evidence, we propose that the rejuvenating effects of systemic manipulations are mediated, in part, by blood-borne ‘pro-youthful’ factors. Thus, systemic manipulations promoting a younger blood composition provide effective strategies to rejuvenate the aged brain. “ Bouchard and Villeda

The ancient regenerative principle of maintaining an abundant supply of pure and healthy blood pertains to the matter of brain rejuvenation. The blood supply should be constantly purified via the use of pure, life supporting foods and herbs that minimize blood toxicity. In addition, blood building foods and herbs should be used liberally and constantly to ensure strong flow to the extremities of the body, thus minimizing the potential for circulatory obstruction and insufficiency. Both the Heart Protector and Cultivation formulas are based on ancient approaches for maintaining abundant blood production and circulation in the body.

2. Use It or Lose It

Stagnation is the enemy of the regenerative process.  A youthful human body, like a young river, demonstrates abundant free flow throughout all of its living pathways. The process of cell degeneration accelerates when the body is undernourished by stagnation. The brain is at the highest point in the body. All that blood, qi and clear yang must counteract the force of gravity to get to those highest destinations.

The simplest approach to counteracting the process of stagnation in the body is to keep the machinery moving. The fundamental principle for the regenerative life is this: keep the body working, serving, flowing, moving.

Relative to the brain and cognitive functions – keep them working. Keep them reading, learning, observing and deducing. A young brain possess great learning abilities. Keep the brain learning, and studying. Do regular coursework. Study the old classics and new technical systems. Require the deeper learning systems of the brain to function and grow. Prevent them from going dormant. Cool the brain down often with rest and meditation, and exercise its miraculous functions in a disposition of pleasure and equanimity.

3. Target the Brain

The most effective brain regenerating botanicals lift qi, blood and clear yang up into the brain. The best brain regenerating botanicals exhibit a strong chemical affinity for the brain. They target the brain. They can be used like botanical arrows to carry pure and abundant blood, and the clear yang essence of life itself, right to the brain. The Renewal Formula includes several powerful ingredients to serve brain rejuvenation, including a strong synergy between Gingko, Bacopa and Ashwaganda.


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