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An Ancient Longevity Wonder

Imagine a pure and natural medicine that goes right into the cell nucleus and stops that cell from receiving the message to turn itself off and die. Imagine a pure and natural medicine that heals infections, shrinks tumors, clears inflammation, heals the digestive membranes and clears the skin. Such a medicine already exists.

Recent research at The New York Medical College demonstrates what Ayurvedic and Oriental Medicine practitioners have known for many years: the berberine rich herbs are extraordinary life extending medicines with effective application in a wide variety of health imbalances. Having observed the life supporting action of these herbs in countless cases over the years, it is wonderful to see the modern research confirming and clarifying their action.

As the study explains:

Berberine was reported to have positive health effects relate to age-related diseases, including metabolic and cardiovascular risks, type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, senile osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease , hypercholesterolemia and diabetes-induced renal inflammation. It is tempting to speculate that this diversity of medical benefits reportedly provided by berberine, have one common denominator: namely organismal aging stems from the gero-suppressive properties of this isoquinoline, as presently detected. It should be noted, however that berberine, was also shown to exert anticancer properties, suppressing growth and/or sensitizing cancer cells to various other anticancer modalities.

Berberine was just one of just several substances that demonstrated clear life extending properties in the research, reducing the: “Hyper-stimulation of certain signaling pathways that drives the aging process.”

The Phyto Gold formula contains several berberine rich herbs along with ingredients to help offset their cold energetic nature in the digestive system. The formula is very bitter, and that intense flavor tells the tale – its action targets the liver, bladder, and the mucous membranes of the digestive tract. It can be used three times daily or more to treat existing patterns of inflammation. For prevention purposes it can be taken twice daily for ten days on and ten days off. The formula is cold and cooling so many will prefer to take the formula directly after eating.


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