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Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Indications: lung Infections, bronchitis, toxic smoke inhalation, upper respiratory infections, flu.

Clear Lung is a safe and effective treatment for upper respiratory afflictions. Colds and flu evils attack the body from the outside environment. Once they penetrate the body’s defensive energy those evils may lodge in the sinuses, throat and muscle tissue. Copious phlegm production, aches and pains and coughing are common signs that the pathogen is attempting to penetrate even deeper into the body.

Once inflammation has penetrated to the passage ways between the nose and the lungs, then the course of the disease become much more extended and difficult.

Clear Lung contains strong anti viral and anti bacterial ingredients, as well as time tested and effective phlegm clearing expectorants.

Clinical Studies and Research

In one study 25 of 28 patients with pneumonia showed complete recovery using ingredients contained in Clear Lung

In a clinical study 190 patients with chronic bronchitis reported a 78 per cent rate of effectiveness using ingredients contained in Clear Lung.

This formula has proven effective in our clinical applications over the years to treat upper respiratory conditions in the winter and wildfire smoke inhalation in the summer.

Clear Lung can be combined with an immune boosting formula such as Wei Qi Immunity to further increase its effective.

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