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Breast Health

The best time to treat a pattern of imbalance is long before it becomes a serious organic disease.Imbalances should be detected and treated at the earliest stage possible, so that they are not allowed to become serious and life threatening.

Human breast tissue is unique and very sensitive. The health of this tissue is directly affected by emotional and chemical imbalances in the liver. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, all breast tumors begin with an early pattern of blood, lymph and qi stagnation. Over time this area of chronic stagnation may become infected by some form of chemical or hormonal toxin.  If the DNA becomes damaged in such a toxic pattern, the body may begin to exhibit unwanted, malignant cell division. It is then that healing and rejuvenation becomes more of an ordeal than a pleasure.

Women should not ignore the early signs of imbalance that show up during their menstrual cycles. PMS, sore and distended breasts, painful periods, are just some of the graceful signs which indicate that balance needs to be restored to the body. Experienced health practitioners can help women to determine the nature of any particular imbalance, and educate them as to how to safely and effectively correct it.  Safe and effective forms of breast screening like Digital Infrared Thermography, can be used periodically to determine the nature of an imbalance long before the tissue becomes truly damaged.

Herbal medicine can play a major role in restoring liver balance, clearing inflammation, opening up areas of stagnation, and helping the body to clear out potentially dangerous toxins or negative estrogens. Herbal formulas for liver and breast health are used extensively in China, at every stage of treatment, but they are particularly effective when they are used as preventatives.


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