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Clear vision: Two principles for eye rejuvenation

Oriental Medicine teaches us that the opening of the liver channel is in the corner of the eyes. The liver channel runs vertically from the bottom to the top of the body and opens in the eyes. Whatever effects the liver also directly effects the eyes. The subtler functions of the liver root deeply into our emotional & psychic energies and thus the liver and our eyesight are impacted by excessive emotional stress. Any inflammation localized in the liver channel will cause inflammation of the eyes.

Therefore when we rejuvenate the liver, we directly promote the health of our eyes. The liver has a tremendous capability to rejuvenate itself. A healthy liver is soft and open. This softness permits the free flow of blood and energy to flow throughout the body directly to the eyes. A healthy liver keeps the blood clean and pure and thus directly improves eyesight. It is actually quite easy to rejuvenate the liver and thus rejuvenate our eyes.

As always, right diet is the foundation of all rejuvenation regimes. Raw organic greens which cleanse the blood and eliminate liver inflammation, should be used liberally And yes, carrots are good for the eyes so do enjoy your carrots. Beta carotene, one of the active ingredients in carrots, is also present in fresh green vegetable juices as well as green powder mixes. Along with beautiful fresh vegetables and grasses often found in green drink powder mixes, nature also provides an abundance of liver regenerating herbs such as burdock, taraxacum, barberry, scute, nettles, and more. Many of these herbs and grasses are combined into single liver cleansing products and they are effective and easy to use. There is tremendous healing potential contained in the synergy between the liver and these healing herbs. Consistent consumption of green plants and healing herbs promote eye health and contribute to our overall sense of well-being.

Do not let your eyes dry out To function optimally the eyes require an abundance of blood and yin essences. Deficiencies in the blood and yin essences will be reflected in the eyes. Dry eyes are a common symptom of aging and quite unnecessary in many cases. If we learn to properly refresh and maintain those essences we will optimize eye health . Many of the western herbs for the eyes such as eyebright and goldenseal are very effective in their ability to clear inflammation from the liver channel. Chinese herbs such as rehmannia and lycium also promote eye health by refreshing and maintaining the blood as well as the essence that circulates to the eyes. As we age, these herbs should become a regular part of our wellness regime.

The classic Chinese formula Ming Mu Di Huang Tang or Rehmannia and Lycium Combination has been used for years to refresh the blood and essence that support the eyes.

Practitioners of Oriental Medicine in the United States report that the formula improves eye health and vision in almost everyone who commits to using it. There are many modern variations on this traditional formula available today in health food stores, herbs shops and online. Goji berries are one of the traditional remedies for eye problems including dry eyes, so yes, eat your goji berries as well as your carrots and greens.


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