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Colds and Flu - Basic Training

The first oriental medical textbook details a comprehensive approach to treating colds and flu at every stage of the process. Ancient oriental medical doctors learned their craft by treating millions of people in the cold winters of China. Their wisdom and experience is part of our common healing inheritance. Our oriental ancestors provide some necessary understandings for us as we spend our lives navigating the human germ pool.

1. A cold or flu enters the body from the outside and works to penetrate our external immune defenses. The first forty eight hours in treating the imbalance is a unique phase of the process. All treatments during this phase are organized towards expelling the pathogen before it can further damage the deeper organs of the body. The best medicines and healing practices to be employed at this early phase, work with the body’s own defenses which are attempting to weaken the pathogen and drive it out of the body.

We should cease the use of tonic supplements during this early phase since their action can actually carry the virus into the deeper organs. Keep the kidneys warm, promote gentle diaphoresis, allow the body to rest, eat warming foods that nurture the spleen, and use formulas like: Dispel Flu. Dispel Flu is a modern modification of a traditional early flu formula which is suitable for both warm feverish conditions and colds. It warms and nurtures the center, has strong antiviral action and helps to drive the pathogen out of the body. The formula can be used as a preventative when we have had contact with an infection, in addition to treating early stage flu symptoms. If further damage to the lungs can be prevented, then the course of the disease will be short. Dispel Flu should be used every few hours during this initial phase.

2. A sustained cough is a sign that the disease has progressed to the lungs and bronchia. The course of the disease will now be longer. At this phase of the process the lungs must be cleared of phlegm, the virus must be addressed with strong anti viral medicines, and immune function must be enhanced. The life fire of the body can be nurtured with soups, and clean cooked foods that are not mucous producing. Proper rest will shorten the course of the disease.

Formulas like Clear Lung provide strong anti viral and benign expectorant action. They should be used liberally at this stage of the process. Clear Lung can be combined with immune formulas like Wei Qi Immunity for better results. Wei Qi Immunity contains astragalus which magnifies the defensive Qi, plus a strong combination of medicinal mushrooms. After several days of use, medicinal mushrooms stimulate a strong increase in killer and helper immune cell output which peaks over a period of several weeks. Time and time again we have used this combination at Traditional Botanical Medicine to restore health and well being in cases of bronchitis even after several scripts of antibiotics have failed.


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