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Eliminate Bladder Infections Without Antibiotics

Contrary to conventional medical wisdom, antibiotics are not the treatment of choice for urinary tract infections. Antibiotics should only be used as a last resort in treating bodily inflammation and infection. This protect our bodies from the side effects of antibiotics and preserves their effectiveness as a last ditch treatment if all other approaches fail.

Milder cases of urinary tract infections can be treated and eliminated through the use of kitchen remedies that include baking soda, cranberry juice, blueberries and even pineapple juice has proven effective for some. High doses of Vitamin C, preferably in a naturally occurring form, can also eliminate the problem. It is absolutely important, to eliminate all forms of concentrated sugars, including fruit sugars when treating a bladder infection in order to reduce inflammation. Raw greens should also be used liberally in order to alkalize the blood.

In the more severe cases of cystitis the problem can be eliminated by using either D Mannose or the right combination of medicinal herbs. D Mannose is a naturally occurring simple sugar which differs from ordinary sugars in that it interferes with the ability of certain bacteria and particularly the e coli bacteria to stick to the walls of the urinary tract.

The most stubborn urinary tract infections can be eliminated by using powerful infection fighting herbs that specifically target the location of the infection. Herbs such as Buchu and Uva Ursi are good. Traditional Botanical Medicine’s Clear Bladder Formula contains ingredients that have proven to be effective in treating even the most stubborn infections.

Dosing is critical when using herbal medicine. The Clear Bladder formula can be taken up to five times daily during the acute phase and it can be used at lower doses as the infection clears and for prevention purposes. When using herbal medicine to clear bladder infections, formula use must be sustained long enough to eliminate even the most stubborn bacteria, just as we are required to complete a course of antibiotics.

We have been using The Clear Bladder Formula for many years in our clinic and it continues to be extremely effective.


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