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Formula Brief – Boost Blood

According to Oriental Medicine women tend to be blood deficient while men tend towards Qi Deficiency. The female reproductive system depends on an abundant supply of freely flowing blood. Because of the periodic loss of blood via the menstrual cycle, all women should remain attentive to the process of constantly boosting blood production in the body.

A high percentage of female hormonal irregularities are caused by lack of sufficient blood flow to the ovaries. This blood deficiency condition inhibits proper regenerative hormonal secretions at every stage of life but particularly during the years of menstruation. Diminished menstruation, period pain, dry skin, dry hair, inability to concentrate are just some of the signs of blood deficiency in the body.

Right diet is critical. Raw greens, veggies, (some) brown rice, mochi… eat abundantly.

The Boost Blood formula contains some of the most effective blood boosters found in nature. The formula can be taken at most any time for health and well being. It can be used at any point in the menstrual cycle but it is particularly useful as a blood builder right after the cessation of the menstrual flow.

The Boost Blood formula can be used by men also since the ingredients boost Nitric Oxide levels, thus expanding and rejuvenating the circulatory system.

Healthy hair, skin, nails and eyes, and strong regenerative hormonal flows require abundant blood.


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