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Formula Brief – Clear Candida

The modern high carbohydrate diet and the prevalence of sugar as a recreational food ensures that a high percentage of people will experience candida overgrowth at one time or another. Concentrated sweetness is like rocket fuel to candida albicans which exists in small numbers throughout the body and in the large intestines. When the human diet is properly balanced and the immune system is functioning well, yeast, mold and bacteria are kept in control. As blood sugar levels increase, however, candida begins to grow.

Candida has the ability to breakdown the cells it is feeding on by sending out root like structures that penetrate the cell walls. Yeast also produces chemicals that allows it to metabolize nutrients in the body and these can kill off favorable bacteria in the bowel. The use of prescription antibiotics can have the same effect. These root like structures also penetrate the intestinal lining which effects the permeability of the bowels, allowing toxins to leech into the blood supply. Bodily inflammation increases dramatically in the presence of a candida overgrowth, necessitating a correction to the system.

Balance can be restored to the body via a three fold process of starving the yeast, killing the yeast and restoring bowel flora. The elimination of concentrated sugars and carbs and the addition of green foods establishes the process of starving the yeast. Herbs should be used to kill the overgrowth and probiotics will restore bowel flora. Drugs like Nystatin and Diflucan are effective at killing yeast but may actually cause more resistant strains in future outbreaks.

The Clear Candida formula is not only effective at killing yeast but also effectively clears inflammation. A unique aspect of The Clear Candida Formula is that it also contains ingredients which address the underlying pattern of spleen qi weakness and dampness which is at the root of the imbalance in addition to eliminating the overgrowth and inflammation.

We tend to eat heavier and sweeter foods during the winter months and the holiday season. January, February therefore, and most any other time, is a good time do a yeast clearing regime for a month or so. A 4oz bottle of Clear Candida will last one week at the full dose of 1tsp or 5mls, three times daily. Begin the regime slowly, with one dose of the formula in the morning, gradually raising it over time to prevent a strong die off reaction. A one month regime will be effective in most cases. Eat well, take a good probiotic, and enjoy bringing the body back into optimal balance.


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