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Hormonal Health - The Traditional Approach

Mar 2014

Early doctors of traditional medicine knew little about the hormonal pathways in the human body. The technology of the time did not allow them to make such observations and studies. They did, however, understand the essential principles of health, well being and regenerative hormonal balance to such a degree that the Chinese were able to establish the first gynecological medical specialty hundreds of years ago.

Nourish the Blood

Maintaining a healthy and abundant supply of blood in the body is the foundation principle of hormonal health. This is particularly true for women, since their reproductive cycle is a blood cycle. When the body is producing an abundant supply of pure blood, there is a rich circulation to the ovaries and to the endocrine system itself. This provides sufficient raw material for healthy and balanced hormonal flows throughout the body. It is commonly observed in clinical practice that blood deficiency is at the root of a broad range of hormonal imbalances. There is simply insufficient blood flow to support hormonal health and balance.

With the discovery of a group of plants whose essential oils are powerful blood precursors, traditional doctors created complex herbal formulas for health and well being. Taken in conjunction with right diet, they are safe and effective. Modern research continues to clarify the virtue of these medicines, and their chemical action in the body. The Boost Blood formula is based on traditional wisdom and modern research. It is an effective blood nourishing tonic.

The Liver-Spleen Connection

Human life can be stressful, toxic and it is always challenging. The liver has to deal with all of that. It purifies the blood as well as regulating the flow of energy or qi throughout the body. A stressed out liver becomes tight and contracted. Like a little furnace in the body it overheats and suppresses the spleen which is our digestive center. If the liver fails to properly purify the blood, inflammation levels will increase. A weakened spleen fails to produce the abundant blood which is so critical to health and well being. Over time inflammation damages the mucous membranes and eventually the organs themselves if left unchecked. This Liver-Spleen connection is the most fundamental pattern of imbalance at the root of most hormonal imbalances.   The Woman’s Harmony formula contains plant based ingredients that have been used for hundreds of years to restore healthy interaction between the liver and spleen.

Nourish the Essence

Life in the human body arises out of a miraculous play of fire and water. The fire is the energy that allows the body to move and work. The water is the deeper living essences that cools the body and the substance from which the blood is made. As we live our lives, the fire of activity tends to dry up the living water essences. Menopausal overheating is one of the most common complaints in the change of life and it demonstrates the necessity to nourish the essence of the body in order to maintain health and well being as we mature.  The Great Essence formula nourishes the deeper essences of the body, and the Cool and Calm formula nourishes the Essence and well as cooling the increased fire and calming the resulting agitation.


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