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Formula Brief – The Support Formula

Thela Support Formula originates in Chinese oncology clinics where it is used to support the body when undergoing chemotherapy and other toxic therapies. Chemotherapy typically plunders the qi and blood as it uses toxic drugs to kill and shrink tumors. The Chinese integrated approach uses a broad range of traditional therapies to protect and support the body during these treatments.

The Support Formula is constructed around the cell protecting herb gynostemma. Gynostemma contains ginseng like active ingredients that nurture and support the qi. In addition, gynostemma appears to increase the secretion of anti oxidant enzymes as well as the longevity promoting enzyme: AMPK. When switched “on,” AMPK triggers the use of stored energy from fats, enhances removal of fats and sugar from the blood, increases production of mitochondria, and reduces inflammation and cellular “junk.” Because gynostemma appears to clear stored sugars from the cells, it is useful for diabetics and for elevated blood sugar issues.

The Support Formula also contains premiere immune boosting ingredients like astragalus, the medicinal mushrooms reishi and cordyceps, and powerful blood boosters like dang gui, lycium and he shou wu, while psolorea and cuscuta nurture the kidneys and essence.

The Support Formula also contains oldenlandia, and scute barbata, both powerful inflammation clearing ingredients which are used in Chinese Medicine to fight and prevent cancer causing blood toxicity and inflammation.

The Support Formula has broad application beyond its original use of supporting the body during radiation and chemotherapy. It can be used to support the body most anytime…in stressful and toxic situations, during antibiotic therapy, during and after viral conditions. The Support Formula can also be used for prevention and general longevity support during both the winter and summer months, since its energetics are well balanced for most constitutions.

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