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Gut Rejuvenation

“Liver fire invading the stomach” is a common stress pattern that just about everyone experiences from time to time, and it is one pattern that can easily become chronic. The liver modulates all of our physical, emotional and work stresses. It can easily become contracted and tense, thus inhibiting the free flow of qi and blood in the body. When the life force becomes stagnant in the liver, inflammation and heat invades into the stomach and the heart.

Early oriental medical doctors observed that this liver and stomach pattern commonly appeared in certain occupational groups in which the liver was constantly worked and overheated through creative endeavors like teaching, writing and speaking. Over time, this invading heat dries the mucous membranes of the stomach and the entire digestive tract. If the pattern remains unrelieved, it begins to erode the moist protective mucous membranes and can even lead to ulcerations.

Maintaining the moistness of the digestive tract is therefore a primary regenerative strategy. Chronic inflammation in the digestive tract is the basis of a host of digestive issues such as gastritis, peptic ulcer, leaky gut, acid reflux. According to the Classic Spleen and Stomach School of Oriental Medicine, gut imbalances are at the root of most degenerative diseases. Gut inflammation compromises effective extraction of righteous qi from the food that we eat and reduces blood production which can then lead to cardiovascular insufficiency.


The Clear Stomach Formula is a complex and effective prescription for the restoration of the digestive tract. The berberine rich coptis, combined with the inflammation clearing scute and the antibacterial action of patrinia provides a powerful healing effect in the digestive tract. In before and after tests, helicobacter pylori bacteria was eliminated in thirty days of regular use. The addition of marshmallow, slippery elm and pueraria provides essential mucilage to restore the mucous membranes. At higher doses this formula can be used to heal ulcerations in the digestive tract, to clear acute outbreaks of gastritis. At the standard dose of 1 tsp or 5mls, two to three times daily, it will gently and gradually regenerate the digestive tract.


The formula works best when it is taken in conjunction with a bland and neutral diet, free of hot and spicy foods. Potassium rich foods, like bananas, cabbage, and goat dairy products can be used to good effect to heal the gut membrane.


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