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Living Tinctures for Health, Rejuvenation

Living Tinctures represent the leading edge in an ancient healing art form. The highest quality raw herbs are brewed and extracted at our clinic overlooking Cobb Mountain and The Sacred Mountain of Attention, in Northern California.

There is no better place on earth to make medicine.

The formulas are based on both traditional and modern experience, and their effectiveness has been proven over and over again in a clinical setting. They are safe and most effective when used in conjunction with an intelligent and sensitive healing regime. They can be incorporated into any wellness regime in order maintain health and rejuvenation, or they can be used in those emergency situations when the body is deeply out of balance.

Living Tinctures are made according to the standards found in traditional British herbal medicine – a 1:5 extraction in 35 per cent medical ethanol. The tincturing process removes trace amounts of the heavy metals, and bacteria that are now found everywhere in our planet’s soil. They are the safest way to take herbs today. The formulas may be dropped into hot water and allowed to stand for a minute or two, for those who prefer to take them as a tea without alcohol. . . Individual herbs are brewed for at least 30 days. Individual herbs are extracted over one lunar cycle and then hand pressed.

Therapeutic and regenerative doses range from a low of thirty drops, two times per day for maintenance, to fifty drops three times per day for full effect. They may be taken at even higher doses when there is professional monitoring available.

Like homeopathic medicines, Living Tinctures retain the energetic patterning of the original plant substance along with part of the naturally occurring nutrient material. They are powerful additions to any rejuvenation regime. Just drop the formula into water several times per day. Use the lower dose for prevention and maintenance and the higher dose to treat more pronounced. 


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