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Nature's Healing Gold

Since ancient times human beings have looked for superior medicines. Superior medicines come right out of the earth itself, miraculously.

They bring the very regenerative essences, energies and emotions of nature directly into the body. Their qualities are organized in such a way that they restore balance quickly and effectively. They confer the virtues of nature directly and safely.

The berberine rich plants that grow on the earth are superior medicines. They are as close to healing gold, as I have found, certainly. You can see the bright gold color of the berberine glowing in the roots and rhizomes of these special plants. This is the bright yellow glow of nature’s pure anti inflammatory action. This bright yellow glowing active ingredient was used by ancient doctors to cure infections long before the first penicillin mold was plucked out of a petrie dish. Berberine effectively restores serum blood sugar balance. Berberine herbs purify heat toxins from the blood, their cold energetics addressing infection and inflammation, while their astringent qualities recondition the mucous membranes that line and protect our vital organs. This makes them particularly suited to regenerating both the upper and lower digestive tracts. Modern research is just beginning to observe their powerful healing effect on malignant cells. Their strong diuretic effect makes them particularly suited for imbalances of the bladder and urinary tract since they deliver an abundant supply of active ingredients to those areas of the body.

Ancient oriental doctors knew how to combine the cold berberine herbs with more warming spleen supporting plants. This allowed them to sustain powerful berberine healing regimes for extended periods of time, because the central and root life fire was protected from the cold. They could deliver rapid healing in acute conditions and regenerate wasting disease when the medicines were used over time. The warm months of summer was the traditional time to use the powerful berberine herbs to do deep inflammation, bacterial, and fungal clearing regimes but they could, when properly blended, be used to good effect at anytime.

There are many good berberine supplements now on the market. The berberine is sourced from goldenseal, goldenthread, and barberry for the most part. They are indicated for infections, ulcers, colitis, type two diabetes, heart regeneration and for cancer treatment and prevention. One can either use a berberine supplement or the raw herbs can be purchased and prepared as a decoction, tincture or used in a powdered form. Traditional Botanical Medicine’s Phyto Gold Formula combines powerful berberine herbs with spleen supporting ingredients which allows most people to use them for weeks at a time.


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