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Rejuvenating the Autonomic Nervous System

Network Chiropractic and Acupuncture, two highly developed forms of touch therapy, represent some of the most powerful therapeutic means available for healing disorders in the autonomic nervous system.Both completely benign and extremely effective, acupuncture and Network Chiropractic are perfect for anyone wanting some help relieving the stress of modern life.

Acupuncture, long a central part of TCM, involves the manipulation of energy via some of the more than 600 energy points through which the qi flows in the body. Essentially a form of “qi surgery”, acupuncture seeks to restore the body’s native energetic patterns, freeing stagnated qi and improving its circulation through the twelve organs of the body, thereby preventing deeper patterns of imbalance developing. Using very thin needles, the acupuncturist penetrates the surface of the body looking to find the exact locations where the critical qi reservoirs can be restored. The best acupuncturists are able to fine-tune the qi balance in the body, boosting it where it is low and calming it where it is agitated. When the qi is balanced in the body, the nervous system naturally harmonizes and relaxes.

A much newer touch modality, Network Chiropractic involves the releasing of stagnated qi via healing touches to key trigger points along the axis of the body. In a Network Chiropractic treatment, the chiropractor first identifies the areas of trapped energy by palpating the surface of the body. The chiropractor observes the structural alignment of the spine and the movement and function of the breath, pinpointing where the energy has stagnated, before laying hands on the affected areas. The process is very soft, pleasurable, and gentle, and like acupuncture, it immediately calms and harmonizes the nervous system, causing an immediate magnification of our deeper regenerative chemistry.

In both cases, the best results come when a number of treatments are taken within a short period of time, and when enough healing time is allowed after each session. In China it is common for people to get several acupuncture treatments each week or even, in certain situations, each day. Similarly, Network is most effective when it is taken several times per week. In my own case, I have found two Network treatments in a day to bring on a highly pleasurable condition of deep healing, equanimity, and balance.

After a treatment, try to put aside some quiet, deeply relaxed time in which to let the healing really become effective. If we return home after receiving acupuncture or Network treatment and go straight back to the ordinary habits that created the problems in the first place, we severely limit the treatment’s ability to penetrate our nervous system and life altogether. To truly let these treatments tap our healing spring, try to build in as much “pleasure dome” time after treatments as you can. The more we allow the treatment to “sink in”, the more deeply it can harmonize the nervous system and optimize the flow of rejuvenative chemistry in our bodies.


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