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Rejuvenation Tools for the Critical Decade

This will be one of the most defining decades in human history. What we do now, as a group, will determine the short and long term future of the human race – and our home, planet earth. The crisis of change that now confronts us, is, as some say, a great opportunity.

Health, happiness and well being require personal responsibility, basic discipline, and intelligent cooperation with our neighbors.  The monumental study on aging and human development which was conducted over a period of fifty years at Harvard University, demonstrated the importance of right attitude and loving supportive relationships.

Some say, that as the old ways become corrupt and obsolete, the highest quality of life will be found in local cooperative communities, where people become intimate and accountable to one another.

We wish you all a happy, healthy, and peaceful decade.  May we serve and protect the greater good of humanity and the beautiful planet earth during this critical moment in history.


Intention directs Qi and the vibrations of light that are subtler than Qi. There are oodles of studies that now show the power of concentrated prayer, meditation, thought, or intention, as a powerful force for healing and rejuvenation. Meditation alters brain wave patterns, and causes a deep synchronization of bodily rhythms, particularly the autonomic nervous system.

The rejuvenating transmission of healers and even remote healers has now been measured and the positive effects clearly observed.

We periodically conduct healing circles of ten to twenty people in The Tao of Rejuvenation Seminars. There is a natural synchronization and magnification of energy that takes place within the group and this creates an even more powerful force for positive change. Inevitably people report significant and positive shifts in their health after each session. The key to effective prayer or intention lies in the ability to release stress and deeply relax. Under such conditions brain and heart waves become concentrated and powerful.  As the great healing master Adi Da Samraj taught, it is necessary to first release all forms of sub conscious doubt, and negativity, prior to visualizing the specific positive outcome.  Concentrated intention and healing meditation can be a critical force for health maintenance and positive change during these critical times. Please see Chapter 6 of The Tao of Rejuvenation for specifics.


Herbalists have always prescribed hawthorne for heart health and rejuvenation. Recently, the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration, a group of volunteer academics from over 90 countries, who function completely free of corporate influence, examined all the major hawthorne studies. The authors of the review gave the herb a glowing recommendation, concluding that there is significant benefit in both symptom control and physiological outcomes from hawthorne in the treatment of chronic heart failure. Hawthorne rejuvenates the heart muscle and its use increased exercise capability while shortness of breath and fatigue were significantly improved.

Most of the hawthorne studies have involved cardiac failure or the break down of the heart as a blood pump.  While it has never been claimed by herbalists that hawthorne can prevent a heart attack, one small, recent study, did point to that possibility. If you are using the Cultivation formula or one of our various heart tonics, then you are getting your daily dose of hawthorne.


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