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Reverse Aging Through Blood Cultivation

Modern Science continues to verify the ancient understanding that the practice of blood cultivation is key to health, well-being and longevity. Recent research   shows that older mice are restored to youthful vigor when they are given the blood of younger mice.

Heart muscles grow thicker as the body ages and this has a significant effect on the diastolic phase of the heart’s work. Over time the heart’s ability to relax and refill with blood become reduced and compromised. Originally tested over a hundred years ago, the transfusion of younger blood reduced the thickening of the heart muscles, allowed for better heart rest in the diastolic phase and raised overall levels of wellness and vitality.

While most of us do not have regular access to young blood transfusions, the work of one of China’s great doctors demonstrates that the right combination of medicinal herbs does in fact regenerate the heart, blood and body overall. Professor Yan De-xin spent his long clinical life proving that the decline due to aging could be directly reduced by treating the blood.

The Cultivation Formula

Traditional Botanical Medicine’s Cultivation formula targets both blood production and circulation in the body. It contains classic oriental blood building ingredients as well Professor Yan’s prescription for activating blood and qi flows in the body. The formula contains strong nitric oxide precursors to open and activate blood flow. Professor Yan used the formula primarily to preserve life in older patients. In many respects, however, the formula is a perfect hormonal for women since it increases blood flow to the ovaries and the skin.

The formula can be added to a smoothie, sipped as a tea or taken directly with food or water. Try two doses of Cultivation daily for one month and give your heart, circulatory system, ovaries, skin, and all the organs of the body a regenerative feast of pure and healthy blood.

See and feel the difference.

Cultivation is available in the Herb Shop


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