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The Heart of Summer

The Heart-Kidney Connection

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, summer is the season associated with the heart. Bright summer fruits and vegetables, emotions of joy, expansiveness and creativity, and tuning into the wondrous growth of the season are ways to help us be in harmony with summer.

As we enter into the hottest days of the year, having healthy balanced kidneys takes the stress of summer heat off the heart. The kidneys store Yin (moist, cool energy) while the heart stores Yang (warm, dry energy). When enough Yin fluids are present, we stay hydrated, rejuvenated, and youthful. When we think of the Kidney Yin energy as a coolant we realize that we don’t run our cars all summer without checking the fluids.

Healthy balanced kidneys maintain their capacity to remove excess water and sodium from our blood. This in turn keeps our blood pressure low reducing the chances of damaging the heart or the blood vessels in the kidneys. Taking care of the kidneys is not the only way to nourish the heart. In fact, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, when a heart imbalance is detected, the heart itself is not directly treated. The heart relies on other organs for its nourishment and there is also a mental/emotional component related to heart harmony. The heart-mind connection is equally as important as the kidney-heart connection.

Keeping the blood sugar balanced by not indulging in too much sweet food, minimizing coffee and all other intoxicants, and, for the summer season, reducing salt a bit are a few ideas that are said to keep the kidneys and heart functioning at their best. Vibrantly dazzling foods like fresh salsa, bright green salads – the dazzling displays of summer produce coupled with good company are a sure fire ways to keep the Yin levels of the Kidneys high which in turn protects and nourishes the heart.

A healthy heart is calm, cool, friendly and compassionate. The heart becomes rejuvenated with good loving company, creative expression, enjoying nature, and selfless service.

Summer Formulas:  Great Essence Formula, Heart Protector, Calm Yin and Cultivation


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