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The Tao of Rejuvenation

“Druda brings an uncommon wisdom to the seemingly common events of life, such as eating, sleeping, sexuality, love and ultimately, death. The accompanying tables provide an easy reference to access the appropriate foods, herbs and conscious techniques for healing and rejuvenation. I found that even reading the text was relaxing, hopeful and enriching of my “yin”. I strongly recommend this text for anyone in search of better health, rejuvenation and the spiritual joy of being alive. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. . . . Sidney Kurn, MD;  author of Integrated Medicine for Neurologic Disorders


• How to heal and rejuvenate the body through the right cultivation of the blood. • How to heal and rejuvenate the nervous system. • How to use traditional elixirs to energize and rejuvenate the endocrine system. • Dietary approaches for heath and rejuvenation. • How to transform your sexual practice so that it becomes profoundly regenerative. • Detailed Guide to Specific Organ Rejuvenation • And much, much more…

THE TAO OF REJUVENATION is a comprehensive manual for radiant health and well being based on ancient healing principles.

BLOOD TOXICITY AND THE ETHERIC Blood toxicity does a lot more than making us feel terrible, more even than exposing us to disease: Impure blood actually prevents us from participating in a higher spectrum of existence. Accessing subtle and etheric energies is a mysterious process, requiring the feeling core of our beings to expand, or “feel,” through the blood, and we can only do this if our blood is strong, pure, and flowing freely. When we allow our blood to toxify, we cut ourselves off from the subtle food that we need in order to thrive.

So how does it happen? The free radicals in toxic blood wreak havoc in our body by stimulating inflammation in the cells and organs as they move about in their search to bond with other particles. This then thickens the blood, which directly compromises the blood’s versatility: Not only can the blood no longer conduct etheric and subtler energies, but it soon struggles to perform even its simpler tasks in the body, like clotting, for instance. In a healthy body, the blood can clot when it needs to, without being thick. When the blood is thick and impure, though, imbalances begin to arise: Sometimes the blood cannot clot; sometimes it clots excessively, obstructing the blood flow.

By restoring the blood through the practices we have looked at so far, we not only allow the blood to perform its usual wonders in the body, but we allow the etheric to align with and feed the physical. Rightly aligned, the etheric offers us profound feelings of depth, peace, and equanimity. Over time, as we persevere in this practice, all the critical functions the blood performs are brought into harmony and balance, unleashing the body’s deeper regenerative chemistry and transforming our life.


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