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Transform Depression

It is never easy, being a human being and living on planet earth. Every time and every place has its own unique challenges and trials. Like the game of baseball, there is a very high statistical probability of failure built right into life. We can lose everything on any day. After every seven years, even all the cells in our bodies have gone and completely changed.

All human beings suffer acute phases of depressed energy, brought on by emotional shocks, and the simple failure of our desiring, every day. A true wellness regime accounts for this fact, and serves to ensure that none of these phases is allowed to become chronic.

Traditional meditation and shamanic ceremonies have always been used to offer glimpses and in some cases long glimpses, of the very Source of life. Such ecstasy opens the knots and heals the shocks that are an inevitable part of this mortal territory.  A true wellness regime, therefore, contains periodic times of deep relaxation, contemplation and ecstasy. Each day should contain many moments of such shamanic healing time, or else the pattern of depressed energy and Qi begins to solidify. Over time then, we lose our feeling connection to innate happiness and pleasure, and we start looking and acting like the people on TV.

We can, in principle, spend the whole day in deep relaxation, contemplation and ecstasy. In fact, it is recommended. This is not so easy to do, but it is still recommended.

It is important nowadays to keep informed but too much meditation on the daily news will only make matters worse. It is better to meditate on what is Greater than the news. Selfless service to others also opens up stagnant and depressed Qi. So we all need to be servants to each other, and to all creatures and the biosphere itself. Mature and healthy human beings serve one another. People in love feel happy just by serving the ones they love.

Conscious exercise systems like Tai Qi, Qi Gong and Hatha Yoga are highly effective at treating depression. With depressed energy physical exercise is a must. When we find the will to move the body, the Qi begins to flow again. So it is important to stay functionally active during times of stagnant and depressed Qi.

Oriental medicine can be a very effective part of our wellness regime in this matter. Our mood  changes when we begin to open the body’s healing chemistry. The TRANSFORMATION FORMULA  is based on a traditional approach to opening and expanding depressed Qi. The ingredients serve the natural process of reception and release in the body. The formula allows the liver to open and vent. TRANSFORMATION reverses the course of the Qi and moves the flow outward again. The formula also contains organic St John’s Wort. After several weeks of use of TRANSFORMATION, brain receptors begin to get happy again under the influence of this specific herb. The formula can be used on a regular basis or just during those times when we are feeling stuck and down.


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